Why Customers Need Custom Clothing

This is a question I often think about. This question must be answered by people in our custom industry, and there is no shirk.

With so many ready-made garments and so many purchasing channels, why do we have to guide customers to customize clothing? What is the significance of developing the clothing customization industry? Should we exert our efforts on the material level or the spiritual level?

First of all, you must clearly understand that clothing customization is hierarchical, whether you are a person in the clothing customization industry, or a consumer who is ready to customize clothing.

Today, I divide clothing customization into four levels to show you about it. Simply put it in eight words: fit, beauty, decency, and elegance.

1. Combination

This is the lowest level and the most basic need. The ready-to-wear can basically be "fitted", and customers can choose by themselves by trying them on. The fit of special body type garments cannot be satisfied and can only be customized. This is the initial demand for customization and the basic requirement for modern customization.

2. Body beauty

"Beauty" is one level higher than "fit". Everyone has the love of beauty, and the beauty of the image can make oneself and others feel happy. When the standard of living reaches a certain level, there will naturally be a demand for "body beauty" in clothing. Ready-to-wear can be designed with "body beauty", and the method of body beauty is nothing more than applying aesthetic principles such as color and line to the design of clothing. However, the "body" of ready-to-wear body care is an uncertain "group" and cannot meet the needs of "personalized body beauty", so it can only be solved by customization. This is the second requirement for customization.

Now the communication within the customization industry is basically discussing the shape, craftsmanship and so on at the level of "fit and beauty".

3. Decent

Many people are full of clothes that can "beautify the body", but every time they go out, they are confused and don't know which one to wear? Where is the problem?

It is said that since the wardrobe is full of "beautiful clothes", just pull out one of them. Not really, because we are social beings and have many social identities of our own. Human society has always had rules for dress (suites have TPO dress rules). Although the rules of Chinese dress are legally broken, they still remain in the hearts of the people. Different times, different places, different occasions, different identities, dress and dress must pay attention to the rules.

Why does clothing have dress rules? Because clothing is not a simple commodity, it not only has commodity attributes, but also its social attributes, it is the carrier of inheriting culture and civilization. Why did the ancestors put "clothing" in the first place in the order of "clothing, food, housing and transportation"? This is the reason.

Children must wear wedding dresses when they get married, why? Because of etiquette rules. Why do relatives and friends who attend the wedding also wear formal dresses, and because of the etiquette rules, wearing a dress is to show respect for the newlyweds, respect for the ceremony, and respect for other participants. If you wear casual clothes, it must be inappropriate. Appropriate is wearing the right, wearing the wrong must be inappropriate.

Chinese people are still at the level of professional knowledge about suits, and there is still a long way to go from the level of common sense. How does the person who wears it know that he's dressed appropriately? No one tells him? Unless he attends TPO training. There are basically no rules for Chinese clothing design, so some parents exclaimed, how can the school uniform make my child a "rogue"!

If everyone has to prepare some decent ceremonial clothing in their wardrobe, this will obviously become a rigid requirement for customization.

4. Elegant

To a certain extent, clothing restrains people and restrains people's words and deeds. For example, in the sleeve design of a suit, the upper body will not be deformed when the arm is raised 45 degrees. If the arm is raised more than 45 degrees, there must be constraints on the person. One is that it is difficult to lift up, and the other is that the entire upper body will be deformed and changed. It's ugly. Therefore, wearing a suit must not "show your teeth and dance your claws". Normal communication activities such as shaking hands with people, writing on the desk, and eating will certainly not be affected.

The pursuit of elegance is the embodiment of human taste, the embodiment of culture and civilization, and the embodiment of personal quality and national quality. "Elegance" is the highest state of human spiritual pursuit. The more common "elegance", the more people with "taste", the more common civilization, the less war and crime.

Customized clothing is no longer just to meet the individual's needs for the beauty of clothing's functionality, it must also bear the social attributes it should have. With the development of the times and society, people will require more experience, self-awareness, and self-expression.

More and more people will be aware of the above problems, and they will inevitably have higher requirements for their own dress and self-image. Then, custom clothing will obviously become the next rigid demand.

People who pursue elegance must need decent clothes, which will obviously be the rigid demand for the next clothing customization. If you understand the eight words of fit, beauty, decency and elegance, you will understand that the development of the clothing customization industry is by no means at the technical level. thing. Everyone in our industry has a responsibility.

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Why Customers Need Custom Clothing
This is a question I often think about. This question must be answered by people in our custom industry, and there is no shirk.
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